First Post!!!

Hi. I’m a Pakistani millennial who is more unthankful than being depressed or maybe that’s what I’m told. I described myself as a millennial to specify the fact that I’ve been brought up with the aid of technology. When I used to cry as an infant I was given a smartphone rather a rattle to play with and I still complain. So ya calling me ungrateful is a bit justified.

People who have a strong impact on my life or are close to me are my parents (just kidding) and my sister, a happy-go-lucky girl who is soon to become a mommy (and I’m so excited).

Now a little about the blog . This beautiful blog is my diary where I randomly write on any topic. As i love to rant so you people will find too many here. I might post a few product reviews and book reviews aswell. Whoever wants their own thoughts to be shared can email me for a guest post. To stay updated subscribe to the blog. Bye.